Water storage & covers

Floating covers for many types of liquids

Water storage

Water and water storage are essential in greenhouse horticulture. Good storage of rainwater, condensation or drain water is not only important for operational management, it also contributes to sustainable horticulture.

Albers Alligator is the ultimate specialist in foil products. We have been supplying the best products for storing and covering irrigation water in greenhouse horticulture since 1981. Currently, 70% of all growers choose Albers Alligator.

The use and reuse of water requires a good storage system. Albers Alligator has various water storage products. We will be pleased to advise you about the possibilities for your company.

Our products for the storage of water:


Our L-tank is suitable for the storage of all non-aggressive liquids. Available up to 2,000 m³ and can be installed on any stable, flat surface.

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Storing drinking water is a profession in itself. The A-tank is the perfect product for this. Available up to 500 m³.

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Water covers

Prevent algae growth, pollution and the evaporation of water in a water silo or basin with one of the many Albers Alligator cover options. We design, supply and install various types of floating covers for many types of liquids.

For each project we select the most suitable material and design. This results in a flexible and durable floating cover. Floats ensure optimal attachment of the floating cover, so that it remains perfectly taut and windproof at every level. To create optimum buoyancy, we attach floats to the cover.

The Alligator floating decks are suitable for covering, among other things:
Our products for covering water:

Multi-F solar

The Multi-F Solar system: the Multi-F deck, the floating total cover for the basin, can now also be fitted with solar panels.

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The AG-cover is a new product for the control of algae. With good results. Easy to install – can be installed on full silos.

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Lp-dek open & closed

The LP-dek gives 100 percent results in algae control. The deck is available open and closed in all sizes and is always taut on every water silo.

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The Kristaldek gives 100 percent results in algae control. The floating cover is available in any shape and size.

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Multi-F dek

Our Multi-F-dek gives 100 procent results in algae control. The Multi-F-dek is a light-proof total cover for new basins and for basins in need of renovation in any shape or size.

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