LP-dek open & closed®

100% results in algae control

25 years of experience

Has proven itself over the past 20 years in the successful control of algae in water silos

100 percent result

100 percent results: no more algae in your water silo.

Anti-algae cover

Reliable, durable, floating anti-algae cover.

Patented product

Developed and patented by Albers Alligator.

Any size

Available in any size. We will be happy to advise you.

Weatherproof and wind-resistant

Available in any size.

Developed and patented

The Albers Alligator LP-dek is a durable, floating anti-algae cover for water silos. We have developed and patented this cover in-house. The LP-dek consists of a PE tube in the shape of a ring covered by a self-tensioning, reinforced, light-proof fabric. The entire cover is self-draining, regardless of the water level. The LP-dek has great buoyancy and excellent adhesion to the water surface. This product offers you a good and affordable cover for your water silo, made from Polyextra-S 0.60 mm.

Closed LP deck

The LP-dek is also available in an entirely closed version, made from Polyextra-S 0.60 mm. This has the following characteristics:

Strict requirements ensure good quality

Albers Alligator represents quality. Our employees have been trained in-house and are VCA certified. The plastics used comply with the strictest requirements. They are continually tested and processed using the most modern design, cutting and welding methods.

Through the use of specially-designed machinery, Albers Alligator is always able to produce top-quality welded seams. The strength of these welded seams indicates the excellent quality that both you and we expect from the end product. A guarantee is provided on all our products.

LP-dek inspiration

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