Slurry storage & covers

More than 35 years' experience, worldwide

Slurry storage

The agricultural sector has specific rules for the storage of slurry. Our experts know what the requirements are. We will be pleased to advise you about the storage of slurry, mixed slurry and even acidified slurry. Albers Alligator produces storage systems, varying in size from 100 m³ to 7,000 m³. We have the best tailor-made solutions for every company or situation. We have been specialists in slurry storage for 40 years.

Our products for the storage of slurry:

Alligator slurry bag

De Alligator slurry bag is available up to 7.000 m³ and KIWA qualified. This slurry bag is suitable for all kinds of (mixed) slurries. Thousands of slurry bags delivered across the globe.

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Alligator Winbag

The Alligator Winbag can easily be emptied and moved around. For the storage of all types of (mixed) slurries and non-aggressive liquids up to 350 m³.

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Slurry covers

Slurry covers prevent odours, pollution and algae growth. Since 1987, the storage of slurry must be covered to reduce ammonia emissions. Albers Alligator knows what the requirements are. We provide advice on high-quality tension covers or floating covers. We design, deliver and install these products.

Our products for covering slurry:

Biogas roof

The Biogas roof is a double-layered gas storage system. This product is particularly suitable for covering digesters at pressures up to 15 mbar on silos made of concrete, steel and wood.

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