Biogas storage

Biogas storage up to 5,000 m³

More than 35 years' experience, worldwide

Albers Alligator has been active in the biogas market for more than 35 years. We have designed several products that enable the temporary storage of extracted gas.

Our products for the storage of biogas:

Biogas roof

The Biogas roof is a double-layered gas storage system. This product is particularly suitable for covering digesters at pressures up to 15 mbar on silos made of concrete, steel and wood.

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Biogas holder

Our Biogas container is a custom-made, single-layer gas storage system. This system is particularly suitable for the storage of biogas and landfill gas at pressures up to 50 mbar.

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Biogas Dome

The Biogas dome is a double membrane storage system for biogas. We developed it in-house. The Biogas dome is available with a volume of up to 5,000 m³ and is suitable for storing biogas at pressures up to 60 mbar.

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