KIWA inspection

For slurry bags and basins

KIWA inspection in accordance with BRL2344

Albers Alligator’s slurry bags and slurry basins are produced and mounted following the KIWA certification. The foils used are also produced following the KIWA certification.

In the Netherlands it is required by law to have slurry storage facilities outside the stables KIWA certified.

Slurry bags and slurry basins must be inspected 10 years after the construction of the storage in accordance with BRL2344. The reference period of storage is hereby extended by a maximum of 5 years.

The environmental service / municipality and probably your environmental insurance also prescribe that your slurry storage has been inspected in accordance with this BRL.

As a specialized manufacturer of slurry bags and slurry basins for many years, several employees of Albers Alligator are competent and authorized to come and inspect your slurry basin and slurry bag.

After checking your slurry storage, we will issue the associated report, which will be sent to you. We also do the daily deregistration of the inspection by the KIWA, to inform them that your slurry storage has been inspected in accordance with BRL2344.

In addition to slurry basins and slurry bags, there are also other slurry storage systems. Of course you can also contact Albers Alligator for the KIWA inspection of these storage systems.

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