20 November 2019

Alligator SiloDome, new affordable cover for water silos

Albers Alligator and Buwatec:
“New affordable cover for water silos”

After 10 years of research, Martin Spekle from Albers Alligator and Kees Ooms from Buwatec have developed the perfect cover for water silos of up to ten meters. The solution is named Alligator SiloDome and at Buwatec the BuwaDome.

“We have just placed the first cover at a grower in Belgium and I know that there is a lot of interest for it,” says Martin. “Buwatec has delivered the first roofs to the United States to full satisfaction.”

Minimum loading on the water silo
During Greentech, Martin explains why with the use of a drawing. “A good cover keeps the tank closed without overloading the silo. We achieved that in this design with a lightweight aluminum frame and, depending on the silo diameter, the required reinforcement rings that make the frame rigid and sturdy. If necessary, the frame can be supported in the middle with an aluminum stand. The cover is tensioned all around with elastic bands. After tensioning, the fabric is secured to the frame with special tensioning blocks.”

Installation without a crane
The research was mainly directed at the simplification and refinement of the idea. “The frame is very light because of the aluminum and can be placed quickly with a small number of workers and without a crane. Every now and then a grower wants to clean the silo inside. That is why we have provided the cover with a reinforced manhole so that the water silo is always accessible. In short: a solid and reliable cover that is affordable for every grower,” Martin summarizes. “Delivery goes via our dealers, of course. We are now working on making this construction also applicable to existing and larger silos.”

Text: floraldaily.com
Date of publication: June 6, 2019

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