New: Multi-F Solar!

A total cover for your water basin with solar panels.

1030 solar panels, each with a capacity of 415 Wp, installed on a Multi-F total cover. This floating solar park, with a total capacity of 427 KWp, was recently realized by Albers Alligator and Centrica Business Solutions. Each year, this Multi-F Solar can generate an amount of energy for an average of 100 households.

In recent years we have regularly been asked whether it was not possible to equip our MULTI-F, the floating total cover for the basin, with solar panels. Albers Alligator and Centrica Business Solutions looked at the possibilities together and developed this into a working innovative solution: the MULTI-F Solar system.

Together we can now offer a suitable MULTI-F Solar system for any water basin, whether existing, renovated or new.

Double function

Your water basin now has a double function.

Space saving

No separate ground required for your solar panels.

100% algae free

Your water basin is completely covered and therefore 100% free of algae.

Maximum solar harvest

Maximum solar harvest by using the entire bottom of the Multi-F.


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Multi-F Solar

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