Water storage

Albers Alligator has supplied foil products to store irrigation water for greenhouse farming since 1981. Albers Alligator supplies both tank liners and lagoon liners for this purpose.



Tank liners
Our tank liners come in a wide range of dimensions. The liner is secured over the tank edge with stainless steel cable and stainless steel tensioning ratchets. Albers Alligator will of course supply any accessories you need, such as protective felt, pre fabricated sockets for suction pipes, anti-algae covers, etc. 


LP-dek® cover

The Albers Alligator LP-dek cover is a durable, floating anti-algae cover for circulair water silos. The in-house designed and patented LP-dek cover is made of a PE tube covered with a self-tightening, armed, and lightproof cover. The LP-dek cover floats well and 'sticks' to the water surface. 



Lagoon liners

Hundreds of lagoons installed with Alligator liners prove year in year out the high quality of the materials we use, and how well we install them. We guarantee a good seal on your reservoir for a good long time, no matter how large it is, or what size. You might like to get a cover to prevent algae grow in your lagoon. Albers Alligator has two patented systems for this purpose:

  • The Multi-F® cover, floating total cover, for new and renovated lagoons.
  • Kristal-dek® cover, bottom-sized floating cover for existing lagoons.


Multi-F® cover

The Multi-F cover is a lightproof total cover solution for new and (empty) renovated reservoirs that come in any shape or size. This patented system has worked flawlessly on many reservoirs since 1995. It drains easily, is wind and weather resistant, and always tight thanks to a unique ballast system. The middle section, which is as large as the lagoon bottom, is made of a coated fabric, the edges are made of uncoated fabric down to ground level. We choose fabrics as they keep their shape, and are more strong and durable than foil.


Kristal-dek® cover

The Kristal-dek cover is more than a bottom-sized, floating anti-algae cover for new and existing reservoirs in any form and size. This patented system is weather and wind-resistant, drains well, and stays tight no matter the water level. The Kristal-dek cover is made from lightproof coated fabric. We choose fabric, because it retains its shape and is more durable than foil. The Kristal-dek cover edge comes with a hanging, light-resistant strip. The precursor to the Kristal-dek cover has been a success since 1991.


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