L tank

The Albers Alligator L tank is a storage system suitable for all non-corrosive, low temperature liquids.



Easy installation
The Albers Alligator L tank has a maximum storage capacity of 500mand is easy to install on any stable, flat mounting surface. Its simple rectangular shape makes the L tank a good and easy liquid storage solution. The L tank is the best way to store liquids that remain largely homogenous.


Due to its low shape, the L tank doesn't disrupt the landscape. We recommend using a protective layer under the L tank when using it on harder surfaces.


Weather and wind-resistant
The L tank comes with a wide range of connections and with a vent as standard. The fabric-strengthened material can withstand the wind and weather as well as the mechanical load. A L tank with a special quality plastic is available for storing drinking water. Albers Alligator will provide you with trustworthy advice when it comes to placing, using, emptying and cleaning your L tank. 


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