Floating covers

Albers Alligator has supplied and installed a great many floating covers, on many locations, to cover a wide range of liquids. These floating covers avoid odours, pollution, and algae growth.


We design the floating cover for each project in such a way that it is flexible and durable, and we choose the most suitable material and design. We use ballast bodies to keep the floating cover in place, no matter the water level, even in high winds. The cover is mounted on floats so it stays afloat. The cover's sides and top layer come equipped with vents.


Alligator floating covers are suitable for covering such
things as:

  • percolation reservoirs at landfills
  • sludge reservoirs
  • slurry reservoirs
  • horticultural irrigation water reservoirs, open or entirely closed
  • drinking water basins
  • reservoirs for cold and heat storage; insulated 

The benefits of an entirely closed floating cover include:

  • odour control
  • no rainwater on percolate storage, keeping purification costs low
  • no birds polluting the water
  • no algae growth
  • no or limited waves


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