Alligator Winbag®

The patented Alligator Winbag is suitable for storage of non agressive liquids at any location you desire.
The Alligator Winbag comes in the 200 m3 design as standard.



If you decide to purchase a Winbag, Albers Alligator will always give you solid advice on where to place them, how to use, empty, clean and roll them up after use. The Winbag comes with two 6" Perrot KKV connections as standard. On request we can add just about any connection you need.


Alligator Winsystem®
The Winsystem, a special frame with reel, is used to roll up the Winbag. The reel can be driven hydraulically by a petrol engine. You can roll up the Winbag completely and sqeeze out all remaining liquids. The winsystem can also be used for transport of the Winbag. Different models are available.


Albers Alligator makes its Winbags from a both sides coated polyester fabric. The patented Alligator Winbag is suitable for all non-corrosive liquids and can be placed on just about any flat surface. The strong fabric easely absorbs the mechanical forces that arise inside the Winbag during its use. In the design large safety margins are used.


The benefits of using the Alligator Winbag® and
the Winsystem®:

  • This is an entirely closed storage system.
  • It is easy to move.
  • Empties properly when rolled up.
  • Has from 100 to 350 m3 of space.


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