Alligator Bagtank®

In need of 7000 m3 storage? The Alligator Bagtank is
the ideal solution!



The Alligator Bagtank is a large rectangulare flexible tank for the storage of a wide range of fluids and slurry's. Due to its cone shaped bottom it can be easily emptied. The design as well as the production is completly realised in our own works in Wageningen (NL).
The Bagtank is completly prefabricated and can be assembled within 1 or 2 days in an excavation work made by a local contractor to the specifications of Albers Alligator. The standard delivery includes the Bagtank with sealable inspection opening, venitlation, a pipeset with valves and all its installation material. Upon request agitating equipment can be supplied as an extra.



The Alligator Bagtank is made from a polyester fabric with a high quality plastic layer on both sides. This plastic can resist a wide range of liquids and provides maximum protection against UV radiation. This means it will last a very long time. The strong fabric easily absorbs the mechanical forces that arise inside the Alligator Bagtank during its use. In the design large safety margins are used.


The benefits of an Alligator Bagtank:

  • Highly suited to sitting on a soft surface.
  • Does not require any expensive foundations.
  • Forms an even upper and lower seal.
  • Does not disrupt the landscape.
  • The cone shaped bottom makes it easy to empty.


If required, we can supply mixing equipment with the Bagtank. We have a wide range of systems available for this purpose.


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